LinuxCNC 2.6.0-pre1 Released

11 May 2014 19:40 #46814 by BigJohnT
I copied this from the mailing list for everyone here.

I am pleased to announce LinuxCNC 2.6.0-pre1. This is the first in a
series of pre-releases intended to shake out bugs, in preparation for
the next stable release of LinuxCNC.

If you are currently running LinuxCNC 2.5, you will not get
automatically upgraded to 2.6. If you want to stay on 2.5, no action is

LinuxCNC 2.6 is available for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid and Ubuntu 12.04
Precise. LinuxCNC 2.6 is not available for Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy.

To upgrade an existing LinuxCNC 2.5 install on Lucid or Precise, see the
instructions on the wiki:

If you use a Mesa 7i64 or a Mesa 8i20, pay special attention to the
"Changes to your configuration" section, as some HAL configuration has

That wiki page also contains instructions for making a fresh install of
LinuxCNC 2.6 on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise.

New features since LinuxCNC 2.5:

* reorganized sample configs to improve clarity
* .ini files now support a '#INCLUDE' directive

* GUI: Axis: allow feed rate override display to go up to 9999%
* GUI: Axis: XYUV foam cutter support
* GUI: touchy: wheel scrolling of program start point

* GUI: add new gmoccapy gui
* GUI: add new gscreen gui

* gladevcp: lots of new widgets

* HAL: halcmd now supports tilde expansion
* HAL: halscope now shows the first derivative of probe channels

* HAL: stepgen now supports 16 channels (up from 8 in 2.5)
* HAL: gs2 VFD driver now supports configurable acceleration and
deceleration, and has support for a braking resistor
* HAL: halui now switches to manual mode automatically when the user
requests jogging

* HAL: new drivers:
* Delta VFD-B
* General Mechatronics 6 axis motion control card
* xhc-hb04 USB jog pendant

* HAL: new components:
* mux_generic: generic multiplexer
* lincurve: linearization curve lookup table
* matrix_kb: matrix keyboard driver
* mb2hal: generic Modbus-to-HAL interface
* orient: works with M19 to control spindle position
* sim-encoder: simulate an encoder, for useful for testing
* thcud: torch height control for plasma

* Hostmot2: add support for 5i24 AnyIO board
* Hostmot2: add support for buffered SPI
* Hostmot2: add support for the Mesa 7i65 (bspi 8xServo)
* Hostmot2: add support for uarts
* Hostmot2: add support for serial encoders (ssi, biss, and fanuc)
* Hostmot2: add support for table-mode stepgens
* Hostmot2: add support for DPLL
* Hostmot2: detect & report encoder quadrature error
* Hostmot2: improved support for encoders (configurable filter rate)
* Hostmot2: improved support for muxed encoders (configurable skew

* interp: G-codes can now be remapped
* interp: added read-only named parameters (#<_x> etc)
* interp: added M19 (orient spindle) and an orient component
* interp: added python subroutines

* motion: coolant and lube are now user-controllable at all times
* motion: rapid velocity now ignores feed override setting

* removed freqgen component, it's been replaced by stepgen's
velocity mode

Many thanks to everyone who tested and contributed bug reports during
the 2.6 development cycle, and to the folks who contributed improvements
to the docs and code:

Alex Joni
Anders Wallin
Andy Pugh
Bence Kovacs
Ben Jackson
Chris Morley
Chris Radek
Dewey Garrett
Eric Johnson
Erkka Koski
Francis Tisserant
Frederic Rible
Janos Bujtar
Jeff Epler
Jofey Jian
John Kasunich
John Thornton
Jon Elson
Kim Kirwan
k.t. chan
Les Newell
Matt Shaver
Michael Geszkiewicz
Michael Haberler
Norbert Schechner
Peter Blodow
Russell Brown
Sebastian Kuzminsky
Victor Rocco
Yishin Li

-- Sebastian Kuzminsky --

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