LinuxCNC 2.6.2 Released

10 Aug 2014 18:03 #49644 by BigJohnT

2.6.2 is out tonight. This one fixes an important bug with the XHC-HB04
jog pendant, and some other stuff. Here's the full changelog:

* xhc-hb04: fix device file permissions
* pncconf: fix error with firmware with more than 5 sserial channels
* docs: update french translation
* docs: fix startup code example
* docs: misc minor fixes
* sample configs: fix sim/axis/gantry backplot display

Thanks as always to the people who worked on this release:

Chris Morley
Chris Radek
Dewey Garrett
Francis Tisserant
John Thornton
Sebastian Kuzminsky

-- Sebastian Kuzminsky


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