LinuxCNC 2.6.3 is released

07 Sep 2014 02:01 #50863 by BigJohnT
Another month, another LinuxCNC bugfix release.

This one's got some fixes for bugs that probably don't affect very many
people. The most important ones are:

* The XHC-HB04 jog pendant should work out of the box on Wheezy now.
* External glade files should work better in gscreen and gmoccapy. (If
you don't know what this means, it probably doesn't affect you!)

Also several less impactful fixes, and documentation improvements
(English and French).

A new feature was added: the Axis GUI has a new (optional) .ini option
that controls the default starting spindle speed:
[DISPLAY]DEFAULT_SPINDLE_SPEED. Documentation for this new option is here:

As always, my thanks go to the folks who tested and reported issues with
earlier releases, and to the folks who worked to fix those issues. The
committers in 2.6.3 were:

Chris Morley
Chris Radek
Dewey Garrett
Francis Tisserant
Jeff Epler
John Thornton
Norbert Schechner
Sebastian Kuzminsky

-- Sebastian Kuzminsky
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