LinuxCNC 2.6.8 Released

12 May 2015 17:50 - 12 May 2015 17:51 #58592 by BigJohnT

This one's another boring bugfix release. Upgrade if you dislike bugs.

The changelog:

* Axis GUI: Fix regression of control disabling, SF#423
* Axis GUI: Use a preferred form of "switch" (closes: SF#411)

* gmoccapy GUI: bug in ignore limits solved
* gmoccapy GUI: search also in the users dir for themes
* gmoccapy GUI: fixed division by zero error on spindle
* gmoccapy GUI: introduced french translation
* gmoccapy GUI: bug in btn_brake_macro

* tooledit: fix a typo/bug in a switch statement

* stepconf: fix check for spindle encoder signals for pp2
* stepconf: fix check for spindle signals for pp2

* xhc-hb04 sim configs: typo fix

* emccalib.tcl: allow whitespace on detected setp lines

* halcmd: err msg applies pins or params
* hal: fix fatal memory corruption bug on linking pin to a signal
* hal: fix a dubious type cast

* docs: fix hal_pin_new() and hal_param_new() manpages

* packaging: depend on a GPLv2 version of readline
* build system: clean up cache files

Many thanks to all the folks who contributed testing and bug reports and
bug fixes this time around. 2.6 just keeps getting better thanks to all
your efforts.

-- Sebastian Kuzminsky

Last edit: 12 May 2015 17:51 by BigJohnT.

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