LinuxCNC 2.7.0 pre7

14 Aug 2015 18:44 #61398 by BigJohnT
LinuxCNC 2.7.0 pre7 was created by BigJohnT

Another 2.7 prerelease is out: 2.7.0~pre7. This one fixes several
important bugs, and adds two new features:

* stepconf now is able to convert Mach3 configs to LinuxCNC configs
* add a driver for the Huanyang family of VFDs

There are now no known regressions since 2.6. Please test this one and
let us know if you see anything wrong.

The full changelog since 2.7.0~pre6 is:

* docs: lots of fixes and cleanup
* docs: fix incorrect image width in pdf docs
* docs: add info on Vismach
* docs: hm2 Smart-serial boards can have HAL pins identified by board
serial numbers
* docs: update G33.1 example to include S100 M3
* docs: document motion.feed-inhibit better
* docs: better usage info & manpage for moveoff_gui
* docs: G64 now optionally takes Q
* docs: add info on index-enable and home
* docs: add info and links on embedding tabs
* docs: fix bugs in encoder.9 manpage
* docs: improve documentation of timers in hostmot2 manpage
* docs: include the manpage pdf in linuxcnc-doc-en.deb
* docs: improve G92.1 and G92.2 descriptions

* axis: Fix regression of control disabling, bug #423
* touchy: fix Set Tool/Origin defaults on lathes
* gmoccapy: several new keyboard shortcuts
* gmoccapy: new place for full size preview button
* gmoccapy: bug in fullsize / edit change
* gmoccapy: add Hungarian translation
* gladeVCP: Add new HAL_LightButton widget
* gremlin: Add another mouse mode 6: l-move, m-zoom, r-zoom
* halscope: report shm key when rtapi_shmem_new() fails
* halui: better error reporting
* UIs: better tolerance for task latency
* halcmd now supports 32 tokens per line (up from 20)
* xhc-hb04: fix a memory leak
* Calibration dialog: fix finding of halfiles with tunable variables
* moveoff: add gladevcp demo
* streamer: add clock and clock-mode pins
* add a driver for the Huanyang VFD
* vismach: work around a bug in mesa
* add a carousel toolchanger component and a vismach sample config

* stepconf: add support for importing Mach3(tm) config files
* stepconf: fix invert of signals on pp2 during axis test
* stepconf: fix multiple picked outputs in axis test being ignored
* pncconf: fix sserial combobox not selectable

* hm2 ethernet: improved startup behavior
* hm2 ethernet: support multiple fpga ethernet boards
* hm2 ethernet: make unrecognized boards work
* hm2 ethernet: do iptables and sysctl configuration automatically
* hm2: don't overload queue_write's length argument (internal cleanup)
* hm2: support split reads
* hm2: avoid losing negative velocity commands on arm
* hm2: enable encoder dpll (when supported by firmware)
* add elpbcom, a program to communicate directly with mesa ethernet cards

* add missing memory barriers for ARM

* uspace: ensure that the thread-specific key is initialized
* uspace: must advise user to set RTAPI_FIFO_PATH
* uspace: fix uninitialized bytes in syscall sigaction

* halcompile: fix parsing of >> and <<

* task: fix a bug in sequence number tracking
* task: warn when dropping queued mdi commands

* interp: log messages to stderr as intended, instead of crashing
* canon: fix constraint violations with rotated g18/g19 arcs (bug #430)

* io: initialize the tool-in-spindle info correctly

* trajectory planner: pausing during G95 fix
* trajectory planner: fix some bugs and constraint violations

This release represents a lot of testing and bug-fixing since
2.7.0~pre6. Credit goes to the folks who did the work of answering
questions on the forums, mailing lists, and IRC, and finding, reporting,
and fixing bugs. Committers to 2.7.0~pre7 are:

Andy Pugh
Benjamin Brockhaus
Chris Morley
Chris Radek
Daniel Rogge
Dewey Garrett
Jeff Epler
John Thornton
Moses McKnight
Norbert Schechner
Robert W. Ellenberg
Sebastian Kuzminsky

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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