LinuxCNC 2.7.3 Released

27 Jan 2016 14:05 #69158 by BigJohnT
LinuxCNC 2.7.3 is out! This one has a couple of important bug fixes, one related to run-from-line and g-code remapping, and one related to halui jogging. All 2.7 users are encouraged to upgrade.

This release was brought to us by several developers, including two first-time committers to LinuxCNC. A special welcome to Salvatore Balestrino (who fixed a sort-order bug in the tooledit gui) and Bernhard Wiedemann (who fixed a compile error with boost 1.58). As always, thanks to everyone who contributed:

Salvatore Balestrino
Bernhard M. Wiedemann
Dewey Garrett
Jeff Epler
John Morris
John Thornton
Norbert Schechner
Robert W. Ellenberg
Sebastian Kuzminsky

The changes since 2.7.2:

docs: update install instructions for glade
docs: correct description of m19 feedback requirements
docs: clarify some pins in the halui manpage
docs: fix link to the giteveryday(1) manpage
docs: combine jog wheel information to one place
docs: minor changes to gmoccapy documentation

docs: fix links in Gcode Quick Reference (English and French)
gmoccapy: document updates and deleted some pin
halui: fix some jogging bugs
halui: fix a copy-paste error that could prevent homing tool diameter sorting fix
hal: don’t segfault if rtapi_init() fails
rtapi: error messages are better than errno numbers
tp: purge old circle length function
tp: overhaul spiral fit computation to use more numerically stable quadratic formula
tp: fix for arc-arc coplanar check
bugfix: Start line and remap interaction
interp: it’s nonsense to take a boost::cref(this)

build system: verify links in the Gcode Quick Reference documents
linuxcnc launch script: export LINUXCNC_NCFILES_DIR

rip-environment: export LINUXCNC_VERSION
halui/jogging test: change which joint is selected while jogging
tests: test homing in halui/jogging
tests: add a motion-logger test of a remap bug

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