LinuxCNC 2.7.5 Released

13 Jul 2016 17:08 #77410 by BigJohnT
This release includes a fairly large change to the controller, intended
to make Abort (eg, hitting Escape while running a program in Axis)
work more correctly. This change also affects controller startup,
including the processing of [RS274NGC]STARTUP_GCODE. Please be
on the lookout for any surprises in these areas, and let us
know if you notice anything amiss.

This release also includes many other bug fixes, especially in PncConf
and Stepconf, the Gmoccapy GUI, GladeVCP, the 'carousel' toolchanger
component, and more.

All 2.7 users are encouraged to upgrade.

Many thanks to the folks who worked on this release:

* Andy Pugh
* Chris Morley
* Chris Radek
* Dewey Garrett
* Gergely Nagymate
* Jan Mrázek
* Jeff Epler
* John Thornton
* Jon Elson
* Moses McKnight
* Norbert Schechner
* Sam Sokolik
* Sebastian Kuzminsky

The full changelog is available here:

Sebastian Kuzminsky
The following user(s) said Thank You: joekline9, Clive S, pommen

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