LinuxCNC 2.7.9 Released

04 Jun 2017 13:00 #94048 by BigJohnT

LinuxCNC 2.7.9 is released. This release fixes some obscure bugs and
adds a couple of new features:

* A driver for Mitsubishi VFDs.
* Support for "auxiliary applications", such as NativeCam, that are
distributed separately from LinuxCNC.
* Add a "Integrator's Manual", a work in progress with helpful
information on how to build your own CNC machine.

Special shout out to *two* first-time committers in this release (we
hope to see more of you in the future!):

* Alexander Brock
* Joe Hildreth

And as always, thanks to our awesome community of helpers and
bug-reporters, and to the usual list of long-time committers:

* Andy Pugh
* Chris Morley
* Chris Radek
* Dewey Garrett
* Jeff Epler
* John Thornton
* Jon Elson
* Norbert Schechner
* Sebastian Kuzminsky

The full changelog:

* support "auxiliary apps", distributed separately from LinuxCNC

* docs: add a bit more info to position feedback ini setting
* docs: sort board list in hm2_eth manpage
* docs: fix pyvcp multi label description
* docs: fix pyvcp example so it runs
* docs: clarify return value in hal_pin_new(3) manpage
* docs: add missing var section to index header
* docs: add machine building info to integrator document
* docs: add manpage for hal_parport realtime component
* docs: add units info to halui max-velocity pins in manpage
* docs: flesh out max-velocity pins in halui manpage
* docs: fix incorrect info for stat.motion_type and stat.motion_mode
* docs: code notes: a pose has 9 coordinates, not 6
* docs: add hal_manualtoolchange manpage
* docs: add info about remap debug messages
* docs: fix paraport/parport typos
* docs: fix pin names in thcud manpage example HAL config
* docs: clean up the note about T0 handling
* docs: add some info for the hal python module
* docs: clarify an ambiguity about siggen in the HAL documentation
* docs: add information about addf command in the HAL documentation
* docs: add details on epp_dir command line parameter of hal_ppmc
* docs: remove a footnote about the behavior of emc2 v2.4
* docs: add or2 example
* docs: fix description of USER_DEFINED_FUNCTION_MAX_DIRS in
* docs: clarify g28/30 description
* docs: add link to G54-G59.3 User Coordinates section
* docs: clean up Machine Coordinate System section
* docs: remove M6 from modal group description
* docs: add links to machine origin from several places
* docs: fix typos and markup problems all over
* docs: add more information about the addf command
* docs: sorted gmoccapy video links with headlines
* docs: add a known problem with macros to gmoccapy docs
* docs: fix cut-n-paste bug in mb2hal manpage
* docs: expand on different ways of starting LinuxCNC
* docs: document some features of the Axis GUI
* docs: add info about the basic directory structure
* docs: correct misleading descriptions of named parameters
* docs: update info about 'save' command in halcmd manpage & help

* Axis GUI: avoid unbounded memory growth in text widgets on stretch
* Axis GUI: make tool info display widget larger
* Axis GUI: remove unused .info.offset widget
* Axis GUI: shorten tool touch off widget title text
* gmoccapy GUI: removed unused code
* gmoccapy GUI: added get_joints_amount() for compatibility 2.7 and
* gmoccapy GUI: new hal pin gmoccapy.ignore-limits
* gmoccapy GUI: bug if no macros in ini file
* gmoccapy GUI: bug in macro button handling
* gmoccapy GUI: G96 bug solved
* gscreen GUI: fix missing .themes folder error
* halui: fix

* gladeVCP: make CombiDRO compatible for both 2.7 and master
* gladeVCP: fix delta scale pin not updating if wheel scroll used
* gladeVCP: add missing icon image for hal_dial

* pncconf: fix spindle command using wrong signal name
* pncconf: fix sserial mode setting in HAL file

* hal_ppmc: add command line arg to turn on/off port direction change

* mitsub_vfd: add a driver for Mitsubishi VFDs

* classicladder: fix sequential variable access
* classicladder: fix whitespace errors

* ilowpass: round the output instead of truncating

* halcmd: waitusr: avoid race condition

* hm2: better error message on unexpected pin descriptors
* hm2_eth: don't segfault on interfaces without addresses

* linuxcnc python module: add doc string for stat.motion_mode
* linuxcnc python module: add doc string for stat.motion_type
* linuxcnc python module: add a doc string for
* linuxcnc python module: add EMC_MOTION_TYPE_* constants

* hal python module: better doc strings for connect() and new_sig()

* Interp: fix a typo in a cutter-comp error message
* Task: set the stat struct member queuedMDIcommands

* example g-code: fix Z value reported by rectangle_probe.ngc
* example configs: fix hal pin names in gmoccapy_plasma
* example configs: limit led without off color in gmoccapy_plasma
* example configs: xhc-hb04.tcl: if prior connects, continue with msg

* rtapi: better error message when failing to connect

* uspace: allow calculated parameter array sizes

* tests: let introspection complete before continuing in the t0 tests
* tests: fixup hm2-idrom test to match new hm2 PD error message
* tests: add a test of ilowpass with low gain
* tests: reorg ilowpass test so i can add a low-gain test next to it
* tests: add a test of stat.queued_mdi_commands
* travis: manually uninstall gpl3 readline
* build: fix link error on i686 with gcc, or maybe objcopy 2.27
* packaging: add the new LinuxCNC_Integrator pdf to the doc package

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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