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When asking questions if you put the version of LinuxCNC and the interface you're using it helps those who might answer your question. Some features might not be in the version your using. Also if your using something other than the parallel port connection that info is good to know.

When asking questions about something in the manual please state what manual your reading as there are many different manuals covering different subjects. The chapter and section numbers will be different if your looking at the html manuals.

Log in on the left side of the page (not the top where the forum login is).
Also select the checkbox to keep yourself logged in, then you won't have any timeouts.

When uploading files they must be .zip, .txt, .dxf, .doc, .gz, .tgz, .rar, ngc, .hal, .ini, .comp, .dxf, .clp, .xml, .pdf, .stepconf, .c, .h, .ui, and .glade as no other extensions are allowed. If your file extension is not supported like .py change it to txt and just inform the reader what it is.

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