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24 May 2019 10:35 - 24 May 2019 15:26 #134795 by andypugh
For some weeks/months now the LinuxCNC download ISO has been slightly broken, since the Debian Wheezy repository was archived as it went End Of Line.

Last night I put up a new ISO file, linked from the normal download page ( ) that references the archive repositories so should still allow third-party software downloads and some updates. It will also directly install the latest 2.7.14 LinuxCNC.

We do have a new ISO based on the (still current) Debian Stretch Linux release which can be downloaded from this link:
(choose the AMD64 version for any 64-bit system and the i386 version for any 32-bit system regardless of actual manufacturer).

You will note the "testing" in the title, so let me explain.

The Wheezy ISO uses RTAI which LinuxCNC has used as the Realtime layer since the very beginning. This gives the best real-time performance and is generally a better choice for software stepping using a parallel port.
However making a stable version of a 4.x Kernel for Stretch (and eventually Buster) has proven difficult, which is partly why we still distribute the EOL Wheezy.

The Stretch ISO uses a PREEMPT-RT patch which is closer to mainstream Linux but does not, in general, give quite such good realtime performance. But it is very often more than good enough. It should probably be the first version tried even if using a parallel port.

The Stretch ISO is compatible with all supported interface hardware (including the parallel port) whereas the Wheezy ISO is _not_ compatible with the Mesa Ethernet-controlled interface boards.

We will probably be making the Stretch preempt-rt ISO image the default within the next few days / weeks. It has been in use by many of people for many months, but is still technically in the testing stage.

Also note that the changes can be made by hand on an installed and working system:
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