LinuxCNC 2.8.1 is released.

02 Dec 2020 21:42 #190908 by andypugh
Version 2.8.1 is largely a bugfix release based on 2.8.0. One
exception is the porting back of drivers for Mesa 7i95, 7i97 and 7c80.

This should be offered as an automatic update on most systems.

At this time the installer ISO and Pi image will still install the 2.8.0.
Which should the be updated.
A new version of both is likely in the near future, but for reasons
unrelated to LinuxCNC (mainly to do with requests for specific
utilities and a network manager that is actually useful)
New installs should use the existing installers and then update.

Abridged changelog is:

* Docs: Updated Chinese "Getting Started"
* plasmac: fix conversational path error
* hostmot2: Add support for Mesa 7i95, 7i97 and 7c80
* qtvcp -qtdragon: updates
* plasmac: Bugfixes
* qtvcp -many updates
* Forgot to add source file to Makefile
* Fix for pre-c99 compilers
* hm2_rpspi: remove and reinstate the kernel spi driver at startup/shutdown
* plasmac: Don't pierce spotting operations and many other updates
* carousel: changed pocket_number to mod_pocket in direction logic
* motion.9 motion.feed-inhibit gcode only (not jogs)
* command.c for consistency, allow jogs if feedhold
* control.c joint jogs inhibition if feedhold
* userkins.comp (new) userkins using halcompile
* gs2_vfd: Fixes how many registers that is written to Closes #506
* Update internal names after file renaming in 2004 Closes #922
* Fix gpio and pin relationship on rpi2 and later Closes #955
* qtvcp -update camview
* pncconf -allow different home switch offsets on tandem axes
* added hal pin to allow preview refresh
* pncconf -raise spinbox limits in tune test
* pncconf -fix PID maxerror setting in the tune test for metric machines
* Docs: Pi links should be http not https
* Docs: Add links to the Raspberry Pi SD card image to the install docs
* dbounce.comp (new) alternative debounce component
* docs: plasmac user guide update

Thanks to the authors of these changes:

Chris Morley
Damian Wrobel
Dewey Garrett
Greg Carl
HÃ¥vard Flaget Aasen
Jeff Epler
Klaus Naumann
Peter C Wallace
Phillip Carter
Rene Hopf
Thomas Burkhard
The following user(s) said Thank You: BigJohnT, tommylight

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