LinuxCNC 2.8.2 is released.

27 Jun 2021 23:24 - 27 Jun 2021 23:25 #213060 by andypugh
LinuxCNC 2.8.2 has been released.This is mainly a bugfix release, though it also adds a new HAL component (“sendkeys”) for creating input device events from HAL pins.All users are encouraged to update.In addition there is a new RTAI kernel based on 4.19.195. This comes with a new version of RTAI 5.3. Both should be automatically installed with the 2.8.2-rt version of LinuxCNC. If you are using the ISO install or know that you are running the preempt-rt kernel this need not concern you.Thanks to the following contributors:

Chris Morley
Dewey Garrett
Greg Carl
Hans Unzner
Håvard Flaget Aasen
Kiall Mac Innes
Norbert Schechner
Phillip Carter
Rene Hopf
Sascha Ittner

The abridged changelog:
  • gladevcp: Numerous Updates
  • qtvcp -cam_align panel: allow selection of camera number
  • gmoccapy_3_1_3_8 - many updates
  • Typo correction “Geometry reading” XYZBCUVW > XYZABCUVW
  • Docs add info on loading halscope
  • update 2.8 from master for xhc-whb04b-6
  • Merge pull request #1024 from kiall/2.8-axis-error-pin
  • translations - fixed moccapy / gmoccapy errors
  • Update hostmot2.9
  • Fix: update manual SSI
  • Update abs_encoder.c
  • add info on installing mesaflash
  • rx_mode typo in hm2_uart_setup
  • Docs: Many updates
  • flipflop: Add an inverted output pin, like the classic D-type latch
  • pncconf -fix inverting of steppers, in the tune axis test
  • qtvcp -qtaxis: change controls for lathe configs
  • pyui -fix commands for joints/axis changes
  • Docs: Correct pin direction 14 in the parallel port docs
  • gmoccapy_translations - new translation files
  • mdi-opened files leak #1088
  • command.c: use consistent external offset epsilon
  • sendkeys: A HAL component to send keystrokes and UI events
  • plasmac: fix material verter for sheetcam update
  • fix halcompile singleton option on userspace components
  • pncconf -fix internal description of 7i73 mode 1
  • pncconf -fix sserial number when parcing XML
  • pncconf -fix sserial channel number for the 7i96
  • Docs: Update URL to updated Pi SD card image. Also document limitations.
  • Merge pull request #1052 from Hans470/2.8-restructure-hal-doc
  • pncconf -many uodates
  • Added new version of Raspberry Pi4 and Raspberry Pi 400
  • AXIS: Add an axisui.error pin
  • qtvcp -qtDragon docs: add a bit of information about probing.
  • Update near.comp add {} for syntax coherence
  • PlasmaC: Many Updates
  • hal_glib -fix check_for_modes always failing
  • GET_EXTERNAL_TOOL_SLOT hdl bogus request
  • Revert bad change inside driver XHC-WHB04B-6 lcnc 2.8
Last edit: 27 Jun 2021 23:25 by andypugh.
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