LinuxCNC 2.8.4 Released

20 Sep 2022 20:01 - 20 Sep 2022 20:03 #252437 by andypugh
LinuxCNC 2.8.4 released

Sep 20, 2022

LinuxCNC 2.8.4 has been released.

This release, unusually soon after the 2.8.3 release, is mainly to address a side effect of the ongoing chip shortage. It has become difficult to build most of the popular Mesa hardware interface cards. One card that is reasonably available, the 7i96S is not supported by LinuxCNC 2.8.3. This release adds support for the 7i96S to the 2.8 branch.We also welcome a new language to the translations, a Czech translation is now available for Gmoccappy.Also included are two bugfixes for Gmoaccapy.Users (or potential users) of the 7i96S and users (especially Czech users) of Gmoccapy are encouraged to update.This release contains contributions from:

Hans Unzner
Peter Wallace
Phillip Carter
Sebastian Kuzminsky

  • Add driver support for Mesa 7i96S
  • Add pncconf support fo Mesa 7i96S
  • calculatorwidget: increased buttons to be more touch-friendly
  • gmoccapy: Fix jogging with max velocity (SHIFT + jog key)
  • Czech translation for Gmoccapy
  • gmoccapy: fix attribute error in tooltip text
  • gmoccapy: fix “spindle speed override wasn’t applied in reverse direction”
  • docs: add note to obsolete property ‘FEATURES’

    (The full changelog is here: )
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