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30 Sep 2011 15:25 #13560 by eremius
I've searched the forums and not seen any posts discussing these pieces of hardware. I've been provided with a lathe, a mill, one controller box and one older-than-dirt PC. I would like to get these running on more modern PC hardware, preferably open source.

So the question is, does anyone know whether EMC will work with this hardware?

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30 Sep 2011 15:59 #13563 by andypugh
EMC2 can be made to work with the existing machine frame and motors.

From a quick Google the machine appears to be run through an ISA card, and finding a newer PC to use that card might be difficult.

It is possible that EMC2 will run on the existing PC, but would still need a driver to be written for the card. (Which isn't difficult for ISA cards, I did one a few months ago without ever seeing the hardware).

If the machine is controlled by steppers then it is pretty easy to set up with EMC2. Servo machines are a bit more complex to convert, but still not a problem for EMC2.

More detailed advice would require a better breakdown of what the current system consists of. (For example, if the stepper motor power stages are on the ISA card then you will need a new set of stepper drives if changing to a non ISA PC.

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