New user, new CNC machine

27 Apr 2009 04:33 #179 by nweeks
Just saying Hi, and looking forward to getting my hands dirty with EMC.

I'm in the design stage of a CNC machine that's mounted along the length of my new shed (9 meters long), with a gantry that can move the entire length, and projects about 600mm from the siderail.

I'm thinking of basing the linear bearings on this type of design, with possible adjusters to ensure rails are dead straight and true.

I've scavenged quite a few stepper motors and servos over the years, and really looking forward to having a machine where I can walk up to it, give it a cutting list and a length of 4x2, and it slices it all up for me!

(also attach the circular saw, drill press, dremel/router, or TIG welder...)

My biggest question, is how many Axis (Axises?!?) can EMC handle? If I want more than 4, what USB connected output hardware is available?



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27 Apr 2009 11:17 #181 by BigJohnT
EMC can handle 9 axis.

USB is not good for outputting to steppers. To add more I/O add a parallel port or use something like a Mesa 5i20. AFAIK the only USB hardware support is for input devices like the joy pad for jogging etc.

That sounds like quite an undertaking to build 9 meter long gantry, good luck.


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16 May 2009 21:35 #277 by BMG
Replied by BMG on topic Re:New user, new CNC machine
FOr your dimensions (4' X 2') using that type of truck will result in the gantry (I am assuming moving gantry) bowing the pipe in the center of the run both up and down. You might look on at the Jgro2 design using a torsion box for the table with the pipe rails mounted into the side of the box. This minimizes the flexing of the long axis.

I have a 4'X2' gantry router (Lionclaw design) using the same concept and it works well.

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