Hurco BMC40 retrofit

16 Sep 2021 23:11 #220826 by JacobRush
I'm retrofitting a Hurco BMC40 as its 486pc based control based on crazy proprietary boards & OS finally died.

I'd appreciate any advice related to hardware for the retrofit. 

From my initial research it looks like this has analog drives. (Yaskawa cacr-srca 20bbb? Pic attached)
The spindle drive is a Yaskawa CIMR-MTIII-11K. 

If anybody is familiar with these drives I'd love to verify that part number and if its analog +-10 or step/dir. I *think* I found the manual for it but not 100% sure. 

Initially I'll just be getting it back up and running with basic 3 axis + tool changer but I do plan on adding a A & C axis trunnion table and seeing if I can get it rigid tapping. 

I'm thinking a 
Raspberry Pi 4 + 7I92M + 7I77

I think that ethernet setup will be nice as the user control panel is pretty far away from the motion control cabinet in the back of the machine. I can have the Pi in the display / interface end for the operator, put the mesa stuff in the control cabinet and then its just a matter of power and ethernet to connect it up. Although there will probably be stuff like the MPG etc that will need to be wired back into the cabinet in the back with the mesa stuff. 

Would it make sense to also get a 7C81 RPI FPGA board to put in the user control panel to run MPGs and buttons, feed knobs etc? Does that work? Using a SPI device as well as a ethernet? Can Linux cnc handle that? Am I over complicating things? :) 

As far as user interface hardware, any recommendations of things to look at? Screen, enclosure, MPGs etc? Anything pre-fab or should I make my own cabinet? 

I think that's all for now. I'll be keeping this thread as a build log so if your from the future scroll down :D 

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16 Sep 2021 23:23 #220831 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic Hurco BMC40 retrofit
Everything about HURCO's on this forum, plenty of them to go around:
I did a 20P a while back, had no manuals but found a picture of drive wiring for a 30, worked for me.
BTW, i would stay as far as possible from RPI for this, but that is just me.
The first link from the google results is my retrofit, used a Mesa 7i92 attached to a Mesa 7i77 and a Mesa 7i74 then added 7i70 and 7i71 just to be sure i have enough IO.
Now there is also a Mesa 7i97 that has the first two in one.

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17 Sep 2021 03:24 #220855 by JacobRush
Replied by JacobRush on topic Hurco BMC40 retrofit
Ah thanks for that. I searched the forum but only saw posts saying you did a bmc20 a while back but never could find the actual thread. Didn't think to do a google site search.

On the RPI I have seen this recommendation elsewhere but I don't know what it is that people don't like? Are there latency issues?

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