Biesse retrofits - questions about spare parts

03 Oct 2021 16:01 #222114 by viesturs.lacis

I have some questions for those, that have some more experience with Biesse retrofits. Currently I am dealing with Rover 335, built in 90s. I like them, because I/O relays are a piece of cake to rewire to Mesa boards. But the servo motors and drives are 
1) can anyone suggest possible replacement for those old Soprel (or something like that) DC servo drives? I did a retrofit in which the owner managed to damage 2 of the drives, when machine did hit limit switches - I have yet to understand, who was so smart to implement a solution of shorting motor phases, when machine hits limit switches. 
He did build replacement drives from scratch, but I am having difficulties to get them work really nice, so I was thinking about getting something "normal". Can anyone suggest me some appropriate alternatives? 
2) is there a place to obtain brushes for those DC motors? 
3) I suspect that adventures of toolchange setup have already been detailed previously. I would appreciate any link so that I can get some inspiration and hints, how to get started

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04 Oct 2021 11:36 #222191 by aleksamc
1) From your topic I could suspect that you have DC servomotors. I don't know where you from but in my country there is still doing servodrives for such motors. It will be suitable any DC servodrive.
short curcuit of windings if made right make electrical brake and slow down speed of inertial CNC-parts.
2) Look in your magazines, possibly you could find them. I believe that in not economically developped countries as mine, they are still produced.
3) I have not experiance with that.

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