USB DNC for Heidenhain TNC-155

08 Jan 2022 18:54 #231151 by cybermaus
Hi all

So maybe this is a bit off-topic, after reading LinuxCNC documents, I realize LinuxCNC is for more direct control of hardware
But maybe among the experienced users here, someone can point me in the correct direction.

I have a working (I fixed a lot of the original electronics) Bridgeport Interact Series 1 Mark 2 with Heidenhain TNC-155
And it is working, for now I plan to keep it, simply drip-feeding it.

So I am looking for a simple USB to Serial drip-feeder box, using the old Heidenhein blockwise FE (floppy drive) interface.
I prefer not to have a permanent PC near, or dedicated remotely, to this function

These sort of boxes exists, but they never explicitly state if they support Heidenhein "blockwise"
I can already do it from a running windows program, running TNCserver, but I'd like to do it from a black box. Either purpose build or RasPi

Does anyone know of such a solution?
Some sample products (of which I suspect they do not support TNC-155)



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08 Jan 2022 20:55 - 08 Jan 2022 20:56 #231173 by andypugh
Maybe install UGS on a Pi?

(edit, I know nothing about UGS other than that it exists)
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