Closed loop stepper cable questions...

08 Mar 2022 23:29 #236724 by harmo
Hi Rod,

Thanks for the link, I have the Stepper Online cables for the drag chain part, but I don't have the right stuff for the limit switches and touch probe. So I'll check Treotham out. However, since I haven't even started assembly on the machine itself yet... I've probably got some way to go before I'm up to that bit.

How's your "space ship" going? Are you doing anything fun with it these days? I'm still dreaming of running my first job, so I have to live vicariously through others. :-)

Hope you're well and enjoying the machine!

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09 Mar 2022 01:23 #236730 by spumco
It took me a few tries to figure out the StepperOnline encoder cables (at the motors) do NOT have the same color coding as their extension cables.  The cables are nice(ish), good rubber sheathing (not PVC), fine strand for flexibility... but you're right about the shielding.

My solution was to chop the VGA connectors off close to the motors and terminate with aviation connectors that permit tying the encoder cable shield to the extension cable shield and on to chassis ground next to the drives.  I don't have many miles on them yet, but so far no noise issues.

And yes, the steppers acted WAY unhappy when the encoders were cross-wired until I figured out the colors don't match and that I had a few of them crossed up.

Bonus Tip - change the permitted following error in the drive software.  I can't remember what the actual setting field is named, but default is something like 1000 counts and can result in huge mechanical deviation with no drive alarm.


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