Matsuura MC500V troubleshooting

04 Feb 2023 16:35 #263674 by Takumivs
Greetings all

I was recently asked to have a look at a matsuura MC500V, when i power the machine on and push the power button nothing comes on the CRT, i wait a few minutes and press the power button again PBX relay flicker and nothing else happens. there no display on the CRT therefore im not able to diagnose the error codes.Testing the Voltages, i get the right values at points beside the 5v im getting 4.8v, not sure what it should be but im tryna get the CRT to work at the moment.

Many thanks to all


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21 Feb 2023 00:42 #264928 by JR1050
That’s a 3000g, old... check all your voltages on the cps25n power supply. There are fuses for 5v, 15v and 24v. The relays are all 24v. The control boards usually have leds on them, are they lit? Next relays, using a known good relay, plug and unplug , test , move to the next one. Are the fans running? Shorts will shut down the lower supply. My experience was s with the MX-1, the next gen. Mr Sato can help you with that, but plan on spending $500 on phone time. 

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