Electric components connections/selection

26 Feb 2023 20:40 #265440 by zieluch
HI Guys, 

I have couple of question related widely said electric components. I doing some upgrade to my CNC machine and I have couple of questions related to it. 
I changing spindle from Jianken JGH-80 1.5 kw to Jianken ATC 2.2kw 30k rpm with respective simponix e550 vfd. First question is regarding cable size. For 1.5kw spindle I was using 4x  2.5mm2 because I read somewhere that I need that thick cable which was pain in the ass due to the stiffness hard to fit into drag chain etc. With ATC I have even pneumatics to fit so I want to change to 4x1.5mm ? will this be enough ? On the spindle there are cables out of it and they are only 3x0.75 (no ground -connected directly under the screw to the spindle) so I am doubling the size. 
Stepper motors.
I am using JMC 2nm stepper motors with integrated drivers. here is the english manual www.upload.sorotec.de/doku/manuals/DS_iHSS57+iHSS60en_soro.pdf
Currently I have connected to mesa only step and dir to mesa card. I would like to connect warning from steppers, how this can be done ? +24v to alm+ and alm - into one of the input on mesa card ? Maybe trivial question but I prefer to ask before I burn anything. And conecting Enable opposite around ena- to grund and ena+ to one of the outputs ? 

Safety relay relay.
I bought 2 channel PILZ safety relay and contactor. I have an idea how this needs to be wired in order to "function" with estop contactor etc. But my question is more what should be disconnected in case of emergency . I have two 24V PSU, One I plan to use for powering PILZ contactor and mesa which will be always one if on switch is on but  second and 48V for stepper and other power sources switch off by contactor and pilz, is this good approach or pilz should power all the power souces in the machine and once triggerd connection to the cards should be lost etc. ?

Thanks and best regards


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27 Feb 2023 00:33 #265459 by andypugh
It's not exactly the right calculator for this application but this:
Suggests that 1.5mm should be fine assuming airflow and a fairly short (a few meters) cable run.

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28 Feb 2023 08:42 #265538 by zieluch
I andy thank you for replay. Now i know from where i took 2.5mm for 1.5kw. thats recommended by vfd manufacture. But i wil go with 4x1.5mm cable.

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28 Feb 2023 09:09 #265541 by andypugh
More relevant info is here: products.lappgroup.com/online-catalogue/.../current-rating.html

If you look around there is specialised drag-chain cable for this sort of application, sold by the meter: www.rapidonline.com/lappkabel-0026151-lf...le-4-x-1-5mm-63-4759

(I think Conrad in .de also sell by the meter)

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