Just started to build 1st mini milling machine CNC

03 Oct 2009 08:20 #916 by 5Zero
Hi there!!!

It's nice to be one among you. Hoping to have more friends in the computer automation. I just bought used 3units 5 phase stepper motor NEMA 34 and 3 sets of 100VAC input power driver card. It was tested in the store with audio oscillator and it seems it works fine. Now that it's in my shop, I'm just starting making the mounting adapter for my mini vertical mill-drill machine.
Telling you frankly, I don't have yet the solid idea on how it will be assembled, in terms of what still do I need to make my 3 axis dream.
Can someone help and guide me with my required configuration. of what else will I need?

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03 Oct 2009 14:29 #921 by spesmek
Hi if you hawe the motors mounted on the mill. you can start with the parport (if you hawe one) get a breakout board and a pin to pin cable, then wires from the output pins to step and dir signals on each driver, one for each signal.. run stepper config and make yor config files. when the macine moves you can go on and make wires from each limit and home switch to the innput pins on the parport (most of the time i use one of the limmits as home) add them to your config and you will soon be cutting.. :)

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