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04 Oct 2009 18:29 #922 by sao
I'm wanting to build a mini-mill similar to what Ernie is doing (me thinks), but I'm not sure where to start, as a gazillion others it seems. I was thinking of purchasing a kit, but I would like to build if at possible.
I was thinking that converting these plans to my own personal needs might work. First off, I don't want wood, some type of metal or plastic machine would be preferable. I'll be working with PCBs.

So maybe a listing of kits would be nice, as would helpful information on what needs to be purchased to convert the above mentioned machine to a mini-mill. Or maybe just a listing of parts needed for a mini-mill, though, instructions for where these parts go would be nice :)

Are there other considerations that a beginner should consider not listed above?

Hope this will be beneficial to me and others who arrive here with similar questions, so thank you in advance :)

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08 Oct 2009 03:20 #930 by BMG
There are alot of options for building a CNC.

Based on your link, you appear to be looking for a wood router based machine. The buildyourowncnc is quite pricey at 1200 but I did not look into it too much.

There are several other options like the Jgro1 build and then use to build a Jgro2 - see for forums extensively discussing this route. If your into the machine build (and not immediately looking to make other parts) then this can be a very rewarding path. I personally burchased a Lionclaw kit 2 years ago. It presently sells for about $400 and is based on a rollerskate bearing design. It works for me.

There are also other designs on that are beginner and easily built with few tools. It might be a good way to learn the mechanics of a machine before delving into a more advanced project.



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28 Oct 2009 06:06 - 30 Oct 2009 06:11 #1056 by therouterlady
Great job, i also want to see when you finished building your machine.
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