Connecting "Servo 300" (3-Axis Controller)

28 Apr 2011 08:55 - 28 Apr 2011 09:34 #9443 by stkl
Hi there,

i got a quite old 3 axis servo controller called, as i assume it's called "Servo 300" (written to the front panel Servo 300/X, .../Y, ... /Z. There are several connectors for a special computer (Siemens ???), which is out of order. I want to use the Controller (19" device) with an EMC machine. It controlls 3 brushed DC servos.

Basically there are 15pin Sub-D Connectors for each axis. 4 pins go to the controller board:
red/blue (approx. 1mm“) at pins 5/12,
and red/white (tied together, 0.25mm“) at pins 4/11

and 5 pins directly from the incrementel encoder (A,B,+,-,0)

Connecting red/blue to step/dir signal the servo runs clockwise when X is pushed "right" and only stops when i push "left"... Not exactly what I expected.

Has anyone an idea how to connect the controller?

And second: how do I connect the Encoder (A, B ) to EMC? I know it from the Windows software "Mach 3". There I can connect Encoder-Channels to the parport, Possible here?

Greets stkl

Edit: using EMC 2.4.6 @ Ubuntu Dapper (1GHz Xeon)
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