trouble with compensation tool G42 or G41

22 Jan 2014 23:05 #43082 by dell64
i'm france and and i have some trouble with my gcode file that is not correctly interpret by linuxcnc
the error message is the follwing:

"the arcuate movement in the interior angle can not be completed without the tool interfering with the workpiece"

the diameter tool is 7mm
and for me it is a problem of compensation tool

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File Name: trousept.ngc
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can someone help me?

best reagrds

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23 Jan 2014 20:04 #43103 by ArcEye

The problem is this fresh air arc move 15mm above the workpiece, I cannot see why it is there

(Line 12 onwards)
G0 X 23.158 Y 23.244
M3 M8
G1 X 24.926 Y 20.062
G2 X 18.562 Y 20.062 I -3.182 J 3.182 <<<<<< offset is less than radius of cutter
G0 Z 0.000

All the actual cutting arcs are fine, with offsets larger than the cutter diameter, never mind the radius.

The file was obviously generated, you just need to tweak it so that the cutter descends to start cutting without that little arc move

If you get an error other than on line 17, you need to make sure your tool table is set correctly or use G42.1 D7 to set diameter in the code


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