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Latency Error
I get a latency error at start up but only get it once. Does that mean it is ok to run because I don't get any more latency error messages?
No, you will only get one latency error message per session. If you got one every time a latency occurred you might have millions of messages and could not get to EMC because of the flood of messages. A properly configured computer will not have any latency error messages. If you don't take high latency into account, your machine most likely locks up or is unresponsive. if it's randomly bad like 10us 10us 10us 10ms, then you could get stalls, lost steps, etc.

Touch Screens, any touch screen that works with Ubuntu will work with EMC. The internet will know if your touch screen will work.

Updating without an Internet Connection
You should be able to use this file:

Then take it to the CNC machine and
sudo dpkg -i emc2_2.4.6_i386.deb

Copy and Paste in a Tcl Window
Some display windows are written in Tcl and it is not what you expect when you try and copy and paste from a Tcl window. You know your in a Tcl window when the right mouse button does not produce a drop down menu. Make sure you have an empty text file open in Gedit before you select and copy the text.
  1. press and hold the left mouse button and select all the text, release left button
  2. one click of the middle mouse button in the selected text area
  3. one click of the middle mouse button in the empty open text file
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