TSS-TB6560 v1.0 Single Axis Drivers + BL-USBMach BOB v2.0

15 Aug 2021 08:43 - 15 Aug 2021 09:09 #217795 by rbuckland
About 2 years back I purchased an chinese ebay, or aliexpress CNC mill, have been running Mach3 on and off since then.
I want to get off it (I am not, nor ever been a windows fan). Mach3 annoyed me so much I failed to use my CNC often.

I am hoping i can use the same hardware I have, and wire up to the parallel port and wire in and be off and running.

The CNC mill is XYZA 4-axis.
Inside the control box is
- Control / Break out board (BL-USBMach 2.1)
     - has USB port, but also has terminals for all inputs
- 4 x Stepper Drivers (TSS-TB6560 V1.0) - Single Axis - w/- bank of DIP Switches

Now my hope is that I can go straight from Parallel port, into the Terminals, which are nicely labelled) on the BL-USBMach 2.1

I made up my parallel cable, have soldered in all 17 pins, using 2x Cat6 twisted pairs, and another single pair for 17 and GND.
The cable checks out, (continuity check) and I have my nice wiring chart.

So following that and the setup inside StepConf for X Y Z, i have wired in the cable to the right pins etc.
 - when i Jog any of the XYZA - axis', the Z Stepper "clunks" for each press - soft and quiet, and/but it doesn't move.
   None of the other steppers make a sound

Of course, I have no idea if this BL-USBMach can be wired up this way - seems it's designed to be given the Terminal blocks on it.
I have shared all the photos also
What should be my next course of action ?

---- my cabling
Pin  Cable   Colour
Pin1   - 1 - Brown/White
Pin2   - 1 - Blue
Pin3   - 1 - Blue/White
Pin4   - 1 - Green
Pin5   - 1 - Green/White
Pin6   - 2 - Green
Pin7   - 2 - Green/White
Pin8   - 2 - Blue
Pin9   - 2 - Blue/White
Pin10  - 2 - Orange
Pin11  - 2 - Orange/White
Pin12  - 2 - Brown
Pin13  - 2 - Brown/White
Pin14  - 1 - Brown
Pin15  - 3 - Orange
Pin16  - 1 - Orange/White
Pin17  - 1 - Orange
GND    - 3 - Orange/White
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15 Aug 2021 09:30 #217798 by rbuckland
This link looks interesting. This post references the wiring for the same board for the parallel port.

I wired the GND to the outer gnd of the plug. Do I need to solder 18 - 25 for GND instead?


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15 Aug 2021 12:42 #217805 by tommylight
As you've noticed that will not work.
Get rid of the USB board, wire the drives directly or buy a normal BOB for 10$.
The way you have it wired, "outputs to outputs" can result in failed port or USB board.
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15 Aug 2021 12:46 #217806 by rbuckland
Yes, I just realised fully. So I will throw that in the bin, and get a BOB :-D

The $10 you speak of, what model/brand/make should I be looking for ?
Yes I have seen the Mesa cards etc, but this is just to get me up and running.

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