Error codes problems

03 Jun 2023 05:30 #272794 by Makita
Error codes problems was created by Makita
Hi I’m very new to LinuxCNC and cnc routers. I bought a professionally made Cnc Router, a craftsman 900st. I can prepare a project in fusion 360 and load it in but I get similar error messages all like.  “Error joint 1 would exceed joint 1 minus limit. 

this occurs with a few different joint numbers. It also occurs when using the sample .ngc codes that come with the machine.  Before I try to run a file, I can jog all 3 axis and control the spindle on and off and adjust the rpm. Sometimes the Z touch works and sometimes it gives an error code and locks up the machine completely and everything has to be shut down.

as far as G-code is concerned all I know is that it is a series of instructions, there meaning is unknown to me.

what is a “joint” and how do I fix the error messages. 

Any help would be appreciated or any suggestions as to where to look for answers would be great

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03 Jun 2023 09:54 #272805 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic Error codes problems
Reading the users manual should help as most of those are user/gcode/CAM issues.
The Z locking up can be resolved without shutting down by switching to joint mode and re-homing Z axis. It then swithes back to World or Axis mode on it's own and you can continue using it.
It does say exactly that but shorter on the lower right corner when that happens.
Does the machine have limit/home switches? Did you home the machine before trying to run a gcode?
Did you touch off to material 0 ?

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