Leadshine EL8 Series AC Servo Drives with Generic Motors?

23 Apr 2024 16:21 #298922 by frist
is anyone familiar with the Leadshine EL8 series AC drives? The drive looks very capable for its price, but apparently, it is only designed to be used with Leadshine motors. 

Has anyone tried to run it with some other AC servo motor (with a compatible encoder)? I guess this boils down to how freely the drive can be parametrized. Maybe someone using the drive could share some information on this?


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26 Apr 2024 19:20 #299141 by tommylight
Not me, but from what i gather they are pretty good, with quite usable software for testing and tuning, if we are talking about the EtherCAT ones.
I have used normal 742 stepper drives from them, i think, they are still working for several years now, but so are cheap china ones, so not much of a reference as such.

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27 Apr 2024 12:42 #299184 by frist
Yes, they are EtherCat drives. From the information I found, I'm also under the impression that the drives are capable and the software is useful. But apparently, they are only to be used with Leadshien motors. This is not an option for me; I have an old, small industrial robot, and I am considering building a controller for it. 

The problem with the Leadshien ES8 drives is that I could not get information on the compatible encoders or the serial communication protocol from Leadschine. Their motors seem to use encoders similar to some models from Tamagawa. There is a nice video by Marco Reps on YouTube about the drives; it looks like the encoder on his motors is similar to the single-turn absolute encoder  Tmagawa TS5710N40 . The old robots uses resolvers, but I could read the resolver and emulate the encoder Leadshine uses on an FPGA if I had enough information.

I guess I have to get a drive and motor from Leadshine and take a closer look.

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