Bridgeport Interact II Retrofit

27 Apr 2024 23:20 #299217 by shanham67
Hello LinuxCNCr's,

I have two Bridgeport Interact II mills.  We have been running linuxcnc on the newer (1994) machine for almost two years.  I am in the process of retrofitting the second (older) of the two. The spindle motor was working fine when the TNC controller finally quit on this machine.  The CONTROL TECHNIQUES 6P4Q-7.5 spindle drive on this had issues when it got hot so I want to replace it.   

My question for this forum is this:   Can you help me decide whether I should purchase a (used) DC speed controller and keep the existing spindle motor (specs below) or should I rip it all out and put a 3ph motor and a VFD in it?   I am perfectly comfortable with the 3ph/AC motors and controls, DC motor controls, not so much. 

Parker 514C-32-00-00-00 controllers are available for $700-$900 on ebay.  Can anyone help me determine if this Parker controller will work with my spindle motor? 

Is there a better fit?  

Thanks in advance!

Here are the specs for the 514C (screen grab from 514C manual)

The manual for my 6P4Q-7.5 drive describes my spindle motor as follows:

Motor type 2M112L
  0KW at  Orpm
  8KW at. 1000RPM
  6KW at  4000RPM
  4KW at  6000RPM

  Voltage - 400V
  Current - 0/27/18.5/14A

  Voltage - 150V
  Current - 3.8/0.78/0.48A

 Special flange
Two microthermal sensors embedded in the windings

Separate three-phase motor-driven fan unit with air filter mounting on main motor frame
Voltage - 380/415V
Current - 0.7A

Direct coupled to main motor armature spindle. 20V/1000 rpm

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04 May 2024 09:32 #299702 by andypugh
Maybe a Control Techniques Unidrive (from eBay) would be a good choice? This should be able to run the brushed(?) DC motor (but check) but could then also be reconfigured to run a 3-phase induction motor if you choose to go that way later.

(manufacturer link )

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