Limit switch sets off without hitting the actual limit

10 May 2024 20:31 - 10 May 2024 20:40 #300343 by asa03
So I have this problem on my lathe where I have those micro limit switches with lever and roller.

And my problem is that the limit switch sets off when I'm jogging or when I run program, it's like in the middle of the travel and it just sets off on its own. I don't remember the exact number of the joint error. Sometimes it sets off like 3-4 times. It triggers, I turn it on, try jogging and after like 1mm it triggers again and sometimes this happens even 4 times... It is really getting on my nerves, doing this every time I use the lathe.
I tried checking if some chips might set it off, but it was clean.

​​​​​​So does this have simple software or code solution, or it might be mechanical? Should I try cleaning the contacts? Or I've been thinking if the vibration could trigger it, but when I jog the vibrations aren't even that noticeable...

I'm going insane over this.

Looking forward to your replies.
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10 May 2024 21:26 #300347 by PCW
That may be caused by electrical noise,  a bad switch or loose connections.

1. Are the switches normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC)?
2. What are the switches connected to? that is, what is your interface hardware?
3. What voltage are the switches using?
4. To rule out loose connections/switch issues, can you trigger a fault
by pounding on the lathe (with say a rubber mallet)
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