Error running LinuxCNC after setting up with Pncconf

09 Jul 2022 16:19 #246961 by mloser
I have a computer with a 6i25 Mesa board installed as 5i25.  I have the 7i76_7i77 setup.  7i76 and 7i77 both have power and LED's are lit.  After finishing up in Pncconf, I try to run LinuxCNC and it fails with an error message.  I'm new to LinuxCNC, so I'm guessing I'm missing something or doing something wrong.


Debug file information:
Note: Using POSIX realtime
./MikeTest1.hal:31: Pin 'hm2_5i25.0.7i77.0.0.input-00' does not exist
Stopping realtime threads
Unloading hal components
RTAPI_PCI: Unmapped 65536 bytes at 0x7ff84e600000
Note: Using POSIX realtime

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09 Jul 2022 16:25 #246962 by tommylight
Both Mesa 7i76 and 7i77 require Field power besides the 5V logic supply, they have dedicated connectors for that, see the manual, and require 8-24V for the field inputs and outputs to work.
You can edit the config files and omit the I/O pins if you just need to check connectivity and functionality as the logic side works with 5V only, so steppers on 7i76 should work, encoders on 7i77 also should work.
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