Mesa 7i96 bit file location for dropdown, StepGen 4 Dir+/- mapping

02 Apr 2023 13:05 - 02 Apr 2023 13:08 #268071 by fletch
While waiting for the SpinX1 to come back in stock (anyone have a spare?), I thought I'd use my shiny new oscilloscope (a Christmas present, thanks Mrs F.) to setup/check the pwm output from my 7i96. Although I'm not exactly confident in what I'm doing, I now have a pwm output from the Step4 Step+/- terminals and a ramp up of spindle speed as per here: - minus the 'spindle-at-speed'.

The next steps were to use the Step4 Dir+/- to control spindle CCW and connect up the single pulse spindle encoder for the 'at speed' pin as per (I think...?).

When I go into PncConf, I cannot select the '7i96d_1pwm' bit file from the dropdown - is there a specific directory I have to place the bit files (I tried /lib/firmware/fm2) or a config I need to update. Or indeed, do I need it at all?

Also, the 'Num of pwm generators' always reverts back to 0 (zero, instead of 1). I can manually update num_pwmgens=1 in the hal file but keep forgetting!

With the 4 StepGens and a spindle encoder configured, I now have two GPIOs(?) 025 and 026 showing - are these Step4 Dir+/-? Can I use one of these for spindle enable and the other for spindle CCW? Connected back to gnd or +5v? (I currently have the SSRs configured to do this, but it would be good to free them up).

Quick edit: forgot to mention I'm on v2.8.4.
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11 Apr 2023 22:56 #268851 by andypugh
It's probably easiest to use the "Discovery option" whereby Pncconf will query your board.

But, otherwise.

PnCConf doesn't use the bitfiles, it uses XML files, see the last section here:

You can make a custom XML file like this:
mkdir ~/Desktop/custom_firmware
mesaflash --device 7i96 --addr --readhmid --xml > ~/Desktop/custom_firmware/7i96_special.xml

But, having done that as a test I didn't see the new firmware appear in the dropdown in pncconf.
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