PNCconf bug in rotary axis setup?

27 Apr 2023 00:40 #270024 by dokwine
I have been rebuilding my gantry-style CNC router and (among other things) adding an A axis. I decided to use PNCconf as a starting point again, and then manually add changes for my machine. Plan it to get something like my old Axis/GladeVCP running again and then move to QT Dragon or Probe Basic.

At the calculator for the A Motor Axis scale, the "Reduction Ratio" (rotary axis A, remember) returned odd results, and there was no version of my 10:1 reduction that yielded meaningful results. Just checking the tick box with the default ratio of 1, changed the number. My own arithmetic indicated that it was expecting a ratio of 2.54:1 an auspicious number, but not for something that is in units of "degree/rev". 

Then I noticed that "Reduction Ratio" is the 4th check box down, which on the other (linear) axis would have been "Leadscrew Metric Pitch". I'm guessing there is a 2.54 in that arithmetic :) So. Seems the name and units of that 4th check box were updated for rotary, but the arithmetic didn't make it.

Or its something else :)
Many more dumb questions to come as I get this thing back up and running :)


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