Automatic probing with fusion (o codes)

04 Feb 2024 20:43 #292440 by TMLKyza
Hi all! I'm trying to use Fusion360 probing to update the WCS. I really wanna do it as it simplifies a lot the setup procedure and safeguards the probe against my stupidity.

I have a printNC but I run it with this custom pos-processor (TLDR a guy implemented the fusion 360 macros and the PP merging it with the LCNC PP).

So the other day I tested it and everything worked, the probe picked up the feature diameter and I was happy, so I stopped the program.

The program had to probe a hole centre using the G59 WCS to update the G55 WCS and run as usual.

Today I was planning on running the whole program (attached here) but after the probing, the WCS wasn't changed and I don't really understand why.
I have attached all the macros relevant to what I'm running, if anyone can give me some advice that would be welcome.

Many thanks to everyone!

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17 Feb 2024 12:10 #293607 by andypugh
#<targetwcs> = #11
o<f360_probing-xy-circular-hole> call [-17.695] [22.734] [11.5] [2.] [300.] [7.] [6.] [1.] [10.] [11.5] [04.] [1.] [1] [2.] [1] [0.] [0] [2.]
Sugest that it is updating WCS G57?
(1 = G54, 2 = G55 etc)
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02 Mar 2024 11:53 - 02 Mar 2024 12:08 #294907 by TMLKyza
I've had a bit of time to better understand the macros etc.

And I've solved my problem, it works like a charm now.

You can see it working both here and here .

What I've done is modify the update macro, so that in the working coordinate system (WCS) it will copy the values of the reference coordinate system (RCS), make the probing and then correct the WCS, leaving the RCS untouched.

It has both upsides and downsides.
For the first, it makes more sense to start from the RCS and correct its offsets in the WCS other than use G54's values and correct those.
Because of this, it makes it way easier to debug if anything went amiss (as of today nothing went wrong and I've used it several times on production runs).
It allows the use of intermediate setups to update multiple RCSs! which is nice as you can throw some soft clamps in the vice and forget about it (I'll post a video about that too if you are interested).

As for the latter, because the Z value is not initialized you'll have to copy it from the offset page or use a probing move.
This is to ensure that the machine will not crash! If you feel brave enough go ahead, but I'd advise you to probe or at least copy over the Z offset.

I've attached the macros folder if anyone is interested.
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