Empty Linuxcnc Stand Alone working template file

12 Feb 2018 20:47 - 12 Feb 2018 22:15 #105800 by Grotius
For those who want to make a stand alone application with linuxcnc.
Here is a empty project that you can copy and run.

There is also a readme file included, where to place the different project files.

After you got this working, you can add some code from different sources.
I would copy an paste code examples from the earlear uploads in this thread or search for other examples.

Good luck !!

This picture is nice :

Okey to get widgets working you can add in the python code :

from gmoccapy import widgets
self.widgets = widgets.Widgets(self.builder)

If you make led's and button's it will work. example code for button :
def on_emergency_stop_pressed(self, widget, data=None):

        print " E-stop pressed, safety stop, power off, drives enable "
  def on_machine_on_pressed(self, widget, data=None):
        print " E-stop reset and machine is on "
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