Additional 2D G-code preview window

18 Mar 2021 13:40 #202738 by HalaszAttila

We are now working on retrofitting a 3 axis (X-Z-C) cnc bandsaw.
Users will programming only in NGCGUI (no gcode or CAM), and would be good to view what will be the result.  
The path drawn in the preview window is not understandable for users, therefore i tought, would be good to insert one more tab beside ngcgui (or just separated window), and drawn in 2D preview like on the attached photo. Viewed from the top to bottom on Z axis, and drew where the band sawing.Can someone help me how to start, or where to search for a solution. I never programmed something like that. 
Best regards.


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18 Mar 2021 18:53 #202752 by Grotius

In linux there are a few opensource cad program's that are parametric input driven.
If you catch up your user input value's, you could
bring them into the cad system by value. You could do this in Python or C++.

Writing software can be more expensive than the hardware retrofit itself. But if you plan to do more bandsaw retrofit's or do
more new bandsaw's with nice software, it's becoming a ROI (return on invesment) story.

My choice would be opencascade cad. That's the best a men can get at the moment in the free area.
This is available in Python and in C++. Check mr. Paviot on github.

In python it is a few lines of code to get a actual box in the screen with some dimensions. And in the opencascade you
can set a transparancy level into the piece to be cut, to see trough in 3d. Or you can load in stepfiles etc.

Good luck. I hope you have some inspiration now !

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