Leiterplatten fräsen, mit wlecher CNC ?

16 Dec 2014 20:17 - 16 Dec 2014 20:18 #54061 by haithabu850
Ich möchte gern in meiner Werkstatt Leiterplatten und Gehäuse Frontplatten aus Aluminium für Prototypen selber fräsen.

Bis jetzt habe ich die Leiterplatten geaetzt und von Hand gebohrt.

Ich benutze Eagle als CAD Programm.

Hat jemand hier Erfahrung mit einer Stepcraft 600 ( www.stepcraft-systems.com/cnc-3d-systeme/stepcraft-600-sf )
oder einer Next 3D ( gocnc.de/index.php?page=product&info=223 ) Fräse gemacht?

Wenn ja mit welcher Spindel?
Was für Fraeser benutzt ihr zum Fraesen von Leiterplatten?

Oder kann mir einer eine andere Fräse für meine Zwecke empfehlen ?
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18 Dec 2014 22:04 #54130 by ArcEye

I would like to mill in my workshop PCB and housing aluminum front plates for prototype itself.

So far I have etched circuit boards and drilled by hand.

I use Eagle as a CAD program.

Does anyone here have experience with a Step-Craft 600 (www.stepcraft-systems.com/cnc-3d-systeme/stepcraft-600-sf)
made or Next 3D (gocnc.de/index.php?page=product&info=223) router?

If so with what spindle?
What Fraeser you used for milling PCBs?

Can one recommend a different router for my purposes I?

I have no personal knowledge of these machines, they are very similar in many respects and quite pricey (e1050 and e1500 respectively), but appear reasonably made.

I would just observe that the Next 3D machine appears completely unsuited to any form of Linuxcnc conversion, as it has a USB only interface

The Stepcraft can be provided with a parport interface at extra cost, albeit this renders the bundled software useless.

Regards router, both have a collar of a standard 43mm, in which case you have a wide choice, however Stepcraft suggests a power limit of 500W, which probably means
it is only built for something reasonably light, so Proxon and Dremel etc appear indicated.


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