Using Logitech F710 Gamepad as a pendant

11 Oct 2020 08:08 - 15 Oct 2020 22:02 #185678 by Joco
Attached files are for setting up an F710 gamepad as a pendant.

It supports variable speed under continuous jog. So the more you move the a joystick in a direction the faster it will move.
Left joystick does X and Y. Right joystick does Z.
There are 3 incremental speed settings from X, A and B (big to smallest).

Each type of movement has a set of locking buttons.
Continuous - left or right top front button needs to be held down
Incremental - left or right lower front button needs to be held down

Right joystick button (i.e. you push the right joystick in) will trigger eStop.

Some extra points that should be included after some thinking overnight.
[1] this config is setup for a metric machine. So PLEASE check increment and speed values to make sure they are appropriate for your setup
[2] The D-pad is configured for feed over-ride increase/decrease.
[3] The left thumb-button (i.e when you push the left joystick in) is setup for a program abort.
[4] the increment distances are set at 1, 0.5 and 0.01. These should be adjusted for your measurement system and preferences. My final values are 1mm, 0.1mm and 0.01mm.
[5] You will probably need TWOPASS mode active.

The configs in the attached files are are mix of my work and some very clever others from the linuxcnc community who I ether copied/adjusted or gave me inspiration on how to solve things. So NOT claiming any credit here, but providing the work back to community so hopefully someone might find them of use.

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04 Aug 2023 18:14 #276925 by beaulif
Is it possible to use these files for linuxcnc 2.9 Qtdragon.

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