Halcompile kernel coding + compiling within the Qt creator c++ environment

18 Apr 2021 18:17 - 18 Apr 2021 19:44 #206318 by Grotius

For information and documentation a quite modern halcompile procedure.

If you follow the archive and the pictures. It will become clear how to get it working in qt.It's not difficult to set up.
The code example is attached and is tested ok.
User's have to set up their correct lcnc path's in a few different files.

Here is a example how to code a linuxcnc component within the qt-creator environment.
This shows how to compile and test the component within the same qt creator environment.

Advantage :
- The include path's of the linuxcnc lib's are present, so text typo's are visible
- More difficult hal coding become's eayer.
- Nice test suite.
- Testing the output component .so file live with halmeter.
- Very fast testing, recompiling. One button click and your component is recompiled, reloaded and back online again.

Downside :
- It could be usefull to create a .comp file and do a halcompile --preprocess to get the .c file template.
- Coding kernel modules, can be quite hard to do.

Code example archive : qt-halcompile.tar.gz
Code example with makefile only : link

In Qt, open the "qt-test.creator" file.

Looking for Linux Pro? sourceforge.net/projects/linux-11-pro/

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