Yalang yl620 VFD rs485/modbus communication VFDmod or ClassicLadder

23 Nov 2021 02:57 #227359 by mBender
Hi Forum,

I am working on the integration of the Yalang YL 620 VFD with RS485 Modbus and LinuxCNC.
I created 2 github repositories and will continue to work on those as time allows.


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24 Nov 2021 02:47 #227469 by mBender
I think I'm done so far. I would suggest the integration with classic ladder. I think it's more versatile and allows you to use other modbus devices at the same time.

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26 Aug 2023 08:16 - 26 Aug 2023 08:23 #278999 by handsomebeast
hey i followed your tutorial and managed to get the vfd running with an rs485 usb adapter in axis gui with classicladder, by using the spindle buttons or f11 f12 but the spindle pyvcp panel doesnt show that the rs485 is connected or the spindle at speed indicator and the guage doesnt move when i start the spindle, im glad i got it working with your help from github repo file but the problems i ran into were, in the readme it says to add this at the end of the ini file

loadrt classicladder_rt numS32out=100
addf classicladder.0.refresh servo-thread
loadusr classicladder --modmaster vfd.clp
net spindle-on classicladder.0.in-00 spindle.0.on
net spindle-brake classicladder.0.in-01 spindle.0.brake
net spindle-forward classicladder.0.in-02 spindle.0.forward
net spindle-reverse classicladder.0.in-03 spindle.0.reverse
net spindle-cmd-rpm <= spindle.0.speed-out
net spindle-cmd-rpm-abs <= spindle.0.speed-out-abs
net spindle-cmd-rps <= spindle.0.speed-out-rps
net spindle-cmd-rps-abs <= spindle.0.speed-out-rps-abs classicladder.0.floatin-00

but it should be the end of the hal file without the "POSTGUI_HALFILE = vfd.hal" at the end, if you try running linuxcnc with it left in you get an error message, also to get the pyvcp to show in linuxcnc you have to put "PYVCP = vfd.xml" in the "DISPLAY" section of the ini file or it wont appear, does the " POSTGUI_HALFILE = vfd.hal" need to go somewhere else? and i used a waveshare usb to rs485 adapter that was showing up in my /dev/folder as ttyACM0, not ttyUSB* and in the config tab in classicladder there was to ttyACM0 option to select, so i edited the vfd.clp file and changed this line
"MODBUS_MASTER_SERIAL_PORT=/dev/ttyACM0" and when i went into the config it was set to /dev/ttyACM0
i dont know why im getting no feedback from the pyvcp panel, sorry for the rant and thanks for taking the time to post the github repo and tutorial up as without it id had just given up,
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