(Guidance desperately needed) HAL and .ini configuration for a Gantry Prototype

04 Nov 2021 10:36 #225223 by Schaumstofffräsnewbie
After the Installation of Linuxcnc and the succesful of the EtherCAT master and driver, I want to configure the HAL files and the .ini file for my gantry-based milling machine. For the start, I thought copying the example configuration for a gantry machine from linuxcnc into my /home/user/linuxcnc directory was the right step. But that is (sadly) already the point, where I am already in need of assistance. 
But first some facts about the machine configuration:

  • Siemens IPC227E as the controlling PC, also working as the EtherCAT Master
  • [X-AXIS] FESTO CMMT-AS-C3-11A-P3-EC-S1; 2 times (the portal moves along the x-axis)

  • [X-AXIS] FESTO EMMT-AS-80-MR-HS-RM; also 2 times
  • WEIDMUELLER UR20-FBC-EC 1334910000
I already noticed, that FESTO offers an .xml-file for the servo controllers regarding the integration to EtherCAT:
www.festo.com/net/de_de/SupportPortal/Do...-CiA402-20201111.zip , and I am currently searching the web if ther is an .xml for the I/O module (if needed)

After copying the gantry sample config, where should I start?
I can post more Information like .ini or.hal files if needed.

looking forward for your help guys,


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04 Nov 2021 19:55 #225259 by rodw
If you have movement on all motors (joints in Linuxcnc), your next step I think is to read the chapter in the docs titled homing configuration.
This deals with the ini file settings for joints and explains how to tie the two motors on the gantry together to act as one after they are homed.
Read it again and again until you understand it!

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05 Nov 2021 06:02 #225360 by Schaumstofffräsnewbie
I neither have movement on any joint, nor access to the I/O pins.
I dont even know if the Controller fully recognizes my Servo-Controllers.
I think I messed the configuration of the .ini and .hal files up, and do not really know where to start with troubleshooting.

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