LinuxCNC Config Editor

02 May 2022 18:48 #241864 by bhowiebkr
I’m not sure where on the forum I should post this because it's dev related and there is no dev/tool section, but I’ve started working on a tool for editing config files.

I’m building it as a tool mostly for myself to better manage the config file and a way of pooling all the docs for the variables as tooltips which works out well. Also setting up a web engine for the main description so I can link to the online docs for each section.
I’ll build some other small tools into it for tweaking stuff like acceleration, velocity etc between the joints/axis’s

I haven’t done much testing with my CNC machine running the ini so if you find bugs create an issue on the github repo and I can see it faster. 
Be sure to backup your config file if you use this, because this is very much in an alpha stage and can very well break your machine config. 
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02 May 2022 21:30 #241881 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic LinuxCNC Config Editor
Looks nice. Thank you.

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