Problems with XHC-HB04 Pendant

01 Sep 2023 09:34 #279560 by smal
I am trying to integrate WHB04B-6 into my LinuxCNC project. I am using RIP install linux-2.9-pre1. Pendant is connected to PC and visible with lsusb. When I start linuxCNC from console I get following printout:

hm2/hm2_5i24.0:     IO Pin 069 (P2-43): IOPort
hm2/hm2_5i24.0:     IO Pin 070 (P2-45): IOPort
hm2/hm2_5i24.0:     IO Pin 071 (P2-47): IOPort
hm2/hm2_5i24.0: registered
hm2_5i24.0: initialized AnyIO board at 0000:02:00.0
Found file(REL): ./xhc-hb04.tcl
Nonstandard layout:<2       (required: 1|2 are supported)>
trying: 2       (required: 1|2 are supported)
halui: emcCommandSend: no echo from Task after 10.000 seconds
find_file_in_hallib_path: cannot find: <2       (required: 1|2 are supported)>
    while executing
"find_file_in_hallib_path $cfg"
    (file "./xhc-hb04.tcl" line 473)
    invoked from within
"source $filename"
    invoked from within
"set result [source $filename]"
    (file "/home/smal/linuxcnc-2.9/scripts/haltcl" line 42)
Shutting down and cleaning up LinuxCNC...
Running HAL shutdown script

It seems that some path(s) is (are) broken. What to do to make this pendand work?


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03 Sep 2023 14:12 #279718 by smal
Replied by smal on topic Problems with XHC-HB04 Pendant
Reference document:

This file was missing:
should be created with the single line
ATTR{idProduct}=="eb93", ATTR{idVendor}=="10ce", MODE="0666", OWNER="root", GROUP="plugdev".
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