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21 Apr 2019 14:40 #131399 by travis036
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when i first got my CNC moving with LinuxCNC, it was like watching my first born come to life (actually... it is my first born). i have used Linux before, so it wasn't a steep learning curve. well, with exception to the differences between Debian and the Red Hat distro's i am used to. now my machine is getting closer, and closer to being fully operational, and i feel like it is metaphorically nearing graduation, so it can go to work.
it has been a long road, and it still has a little ways to go to clean things up, and tie in the necessary safety functions. but given my limited funding, i would have been dead in the water, if not for LinuxCNC. it is not just free, but very powerful, and well supported.
now somehow, even with my still limited knowledge, i have gained the title of "Senior Boarder ". i feel like i am just now starting to get the hang of some things, and have been doing some configuration changes (github.com/travisfarmer/my-linuxcnc-conf) to make my machine work better for my needs.
in short, i would like to thank the developers, for building LinuxCNC, and the helpful forum members, documentation, and the Wiki, for filling in the details. I truly look forward to continued success with my machine build.
I have an old YouTube video of my machine (
), but when things are looking a little less "spaghetti wired", i will make a new video, as there have been some changes since that video. like moving from a Makita RF1101 router, to a Perske 3PH 5HP spindle, for instance.

anyway, just thought i would express my infatuation for LinuxCNC. :woohoo:

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22 Apr 2019 00:56 #131439 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic Just my thoughts
I still remember the first machine, it wrote EMC2 upside down, but i was happy and i knew how to fix it there and then, but i let it run! Oh happy days.
After a few days i wanted to change something so got introduce to capabilities of HAL, i could never break up with it !!! :)

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22 Apr 2019 07:32 #131470 by Mike_Eitel
Replied by Mike_Eitel on topic Just my thoughts
Yes, it was EMC2 with BDI 2.xx somewhere 200x (x = lowfigure).
I was happy that it finally moved, also I did not understand what I did for...

Like sometimes today.

For me LinuxCNC is an astonishing and extraordinary community, so many years of voluntary development hours. Also my biggest thanks to all the developers.

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