We have it so good.

26 Apr 2021 03:53 #207069 by OttoDidact
I just got a job a few weeks ago operating a Shop bot.

What a terrible machine control it is. They rewrote G-code for some reason. Maybe to remove features. Yeah that's it.

It's got a command line interface but if you type more than one command in it will cancel the first command. There is a preview mode where you can look at your project file in 3D, but you have to close that to load the file to cut it. Then there's this tiny little 300x400 pixel Viewport of the file's progress, it's like a little window into the 1990s.

Oh and it completely locks up the PC while cutting. You can't do nothing else. It's even more garish looking than I remember mach 3 looking.

I'm sure there's more awful features, but I've learned enough to do my job and I don't want to contaminate my mind with more of it than I have to. This is a short-term contract and I will be certainly glad to get back to my LinuxCNC router and mill.

It reminds me of how great LinuxCNC is and how awesome all the developers are for making this great thing we all get to use.
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29 Apr 2021 00:24 #207342 by my1987toyota
Replied by my1987toyota on topic We have it so good.
It sound like Arduino and GRBL would even be an inprovement.

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