SOLD Digital Tool Router

01 May 2013 22:43 - 04 Jul 2013 08:37 #33493 by Todd Zuercher
I believe the machine is SOLD

Digital Tool brand CNC router
Asking $4000
Currently powered and in full working condition - can be demoed.
63" x 52" working area
Two heads, one 15 Amp Porter Cable router, and one 7.5HP Perske high speed spindle with variable speed drive and line reactor
Independent lead screw W and Z heads
X and Y axis are rack and pinion drive.
All aluminum construction, except the table is MDF, currently plumbed for vacuum system.
Anaheim Automation DPF65004 bilevel unipolar stepdrive, with NEMA 34 frame steppers. with four axis drive via 2 parallel ports on included PC
DOS based CNC Controller software is included, all you need to provide are G-code files and it's ready to go.
110/220v power is all that's needed, doesn't require industrial 3-phase or high voltage.
Located in Dalton, Ohio
Contact info:
Franklin Geiser
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone 330-828-2105 ext.2002

This is a very easy machine to convert to LinuxCNC. To convert, you would need a more up to date PC (the included 200mhz Pentium won't cut it), a couple of paralell ports, and maybe a breakout board or two. (The existing breakout boards require 2 X-mode compatible LPT ports to run LinuxCNC)

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