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11 Apr 2017 11:11 #91173 by grump
New auction room was created by grump
Might not be appropriate here, please delete if not and accept my apologies.

I have set up a auction room for you and other groups to trade with each other.
The idea being that we all like to buy and sell from each other and move our stock around and don't have an appropriate platform to do this.

Ebay charges are sometimes prohibitive, although they do have the largest audience may not be what you require and want to be more specific.

It could also amalgamate your other interests such as your watch collection which nobody here wants to see.

It is still in the setup stages with only a test auction posted and I am still finding my way around the admin panel so bare with me while I learn.

At the moment you can post 15 pictures per auction and have your own account with full control over your auctions. Pics to be 800 X 600 pixels.

You may already be familiar with wordpress penny auctions, in which case I would appreciate your assistance.
I have created some relevant categories for our sales and will add more as the need arises.

Obviously it has cost to do this, I have and will be putting my time and effort into it and will be looking to make money.

So if the idea works and we survive I will add a small selling fee but for the first 3 months it is totally free for you to use.

It won't happen without your participation so be the first to register and take advantage of this genuine offer.

Guide your audience to this auction site and sell with no listing fees.

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02 Sep 2020 21:02 - 15 Sep 2020 09:05 #180468 by AlisonRussell
Replied by AlisonRussell on topic New auction room
More and more auction halls are opening lately, but cooperating with most of them is simply not profitable and unfortunately there is nothing to be done about it. My friends have worked with many companies and the California auction house is one of the best www.michaans.comart auction houses . A couple of months ago, my friend inherited several large paintings and it was the appraisers from this auction house who helped him establish the exact price. It was not easy because the paintings were pretty old. They even offered to put these paintings up for auction on very favorable terms, but my friend decided to leave the painting as a keepsake.
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02 Sep 2020 22:26 #180472 by tommylight
Replied by tommylight on topic New auction room
And that web site is down for a long while now.............

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