TOS FNK25 heavy knee mill retrofit candidate for sale or trade in toronto

03 Jan 2018 22:33 - 21 Mar 2018 14:21 #104000 by ihavenofish
EDIT - out of shop now, machine still here, but I have no room to store it!

hiya. i have a tos fnk25 knee mill i cant take with me when i leave my shop this month. its a nice machine, and would make a really nice conversion to linux, with servos or steppers. 4500rpm 3hp spindle, 40 taper, box ways on y and z, about 32x15x18 travel to the hard stops. this machine is in toronto and youd have to arrange to pick it up.

i have it listed for $3999cdn, but id be quite pleased to trade it for a smaller milling machine, like a deckle fp1 or 2, or a shaublin, or a mori sl-00 lathe, or things like that..
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