5i25 + 7i77 plug N go kits and more for sale

04 May 2022 19:05 - 06 May 2022 15:07 #241994 by ishman
I have 5 kits of 7i77+5i25 plug N go kit. It's brand new but 10 years old stock. I bought it in 2012 May. Board are stocked in India, Mumbai. I want to sell it if get reasonable price. One kit was used to check only. Not used on actual machine.

I have Following items (All brand new except one checked) 10 years old stock.

Asking $1,550 or reasonable offer for all shipped anywhere in the world possible.

5 Nos 7I77-PLUG-N-GO 5I25+7I77+IEEE1284 cable 6 FT kit
1 7I66-8-ROHS 16 in 8 out isolated 10-32V input/output 2.5A
1 7I70-ROHS 48 input isolated 5-32V remote real time I/O
1 7I71-ROHS 48 output isolated 5-32V 300 mA remote real time I/O
1 7I73-ROHS pendant controller LCD/keypad/encoder/analog
1 7I74-ROHS 8 channel RS422/485 interface + RJ45 breakout

Please be aware that it's not easy to send single board or kit to USA or other country. So, only interested to sell everything at once. Will honor cross check requirement from buyer.
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04 May 2022 19:51 #241998 by tommylight
This is a double post, but leaving it for now so it has better chances of being seen.
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